The SAT AudioCard Rapid Memorization System is the fastest proven way to memorize words every student must know to get a good score on the Critical Reading Section of the SAT.

Want to ace the Critical Reading Section, improve your overall SAT score, and get the scholarships and college acceptance letters you deserve?
Let me tell you a story...

I'm late again. Driving down the highway at 90 miles per hour, I'm on my way to SAT Class after leaving hockey practice. Four week has past and I have eight more weeks of SAT classes to go. We are now learning vocab words for the Critical Section - this is my demise. I've started an intensive education course of all things SAT vocab at my SAT class. My eyes move back and forth from the road ahead and the vocab flashcards in my lap. Cursory. Brief and to the point. People tend to curse when they want to get straight to the point. Cursory. Brief and to the point. I swerve into the next lane, drop the car into 6th gear. My eyes shift back to the next card in the stack. Countless words to memorize to ace the Critical Reading Section and I'm late for class. Buttress. A support. Having a big butt gives you extra support, like a buttress. Buttress. A Support. Car horns blare, my eyes jet back to the road. I hit the brakes and swerve to avoid running dead-on into the SUV in the lane next to me. That was too close for comfort. There has to be a better way to learn these SAT words. I know I won't recall all these words and certainly won't be doing well on the SAT if I don't know these words.

As my car stereo plays in the background, it hits me. Audio. If I could listen to these SAT words through my stereo while I drive, through my headphones while I work-out, through my computer while I'm at home - that would be perfect. The moment I got home, I opened up my laptop and read aloud each on of my notecards into a recording program, saved it and dropped it on my iPod. At that moment, the first SAT AudioCards system vocab guide was born. Within hours, simply through passive listening, I was reciting every word backwards and forwards. Boon. A gift or blessing. Pirates consider booty a boon. Boon. A gift or blessing. Word after word, I could effortlessly recall the most complex of words. Conundrum. Having only one-drum is a conundrum for a rock drummer. Conundrum. Problem or puzzle. I had become a Rain Man of SAT words and now it's your turn.

After using your system, I honestly wish my parents could get their money back from English SAT Tutor they hired. I learned all the words I needed to get a 720 through your course alone, and the memory tricks are priceless.

Mitchell Russ UCLA

I'm about to offer you an edge...

Cracking the Critical Reading section is simple once you know your vocab. All that really matters is that you know the words and how fast you can recall their meanings.

Without question, the most difficult aspect of Critical Reading is knowing the words used, whether it is a fill in the blank question or simply narrowing down the answers. Speed doesn't matter when you don't know the words. The SAT demands ultra-fast recollection word definitions. All that matters is what's in your head, and the SAT AudioCard System ensures you know the most commonly used SATs and Ace the Critical Reading Section..

I've developed and refined this system with the help of experienced SAT Teachers, successful SAT takers, as well as experts in the field of memory. The SAT AudioCard system uses established memory techniques such as mnemonics, repetition and word-association to ensure you never forget a word again.

Here's how the system works...

Traditional SAT books and classes promote rote memorization of vocabulary, requiring hundreds of hours of study, repetition and testing. Research has proven that memorization and recall is drastically improved with the use of specific cognitive techniques. This system is the first to pair time-tested memory techniques with the medium of audio learning to create, hands down, the most effective system ever devised.

Audio learning has been the medium of choice for decades in the realm of foreign language learning and comprehension. Whether listening as you drift off to sleep, in the car en route to work or during your gym workout, an audio system is the only scientifically proven method for passive learning.

What is a mnemonic?

A mnemonic (pronounced "nuh-monic") is simply a word-association technique used to improve memory of complex information. Think back to grade-school where you likely learned quite a few mnemonics. Do you remember learning all the colors of the visible light spectrum? Does the name Roy G. Biv ring a bell? Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet. How about Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge to remember the musical note scale of E-G-B-D-F? For centuries, people have used mnemonics and other memory techniques to recall complex information with ease.





The benefits of the SAT AudioCard system...

  • Learn over 200 of most important and commonly used words used on the SATs
  • Beautifully produced and digitally mastered by top-notch voice talent.
  • Gain immediate recall of definitions within seconds of reading or seeing it.
  • Feel completely comfortable during the SAT, fully prepared for difficult words.
  • Created and tested by top SAT teacher and successful students.
  • Eliminate countless hours of SAT classes and books traditionally required to learn these words.
  • Each word's definition is spoken clearly and repeated to aid in memorization.
  • Learn to instantly create new mnemonics for additional vocab words.

The Criticial Reading section was the hardest for me. You can imagine how I felt before I got your system. I went through it and somehow could remember almost everything after about two listens. When I walked into the SAT in Novemeber, I felt confident knowing that I knew 200 more words. I am very confident about my score!

Kristen Rourke Princeton

If you're ever down in Miami, email me so I can personally thank you. The extra points on the SAT got me into my #1 school, UF. I am pretty pumped!

Adriana Simon University of Florida

I'm an auditory learner so studying anything written was an absolute diaster. I purchased a set of vocab notebooks that did not help at all. This has literally been the best SAT study tool.

Rich Ness Rutgers

The SAT AudioCard System

Learn over 200 important SAT words, from abstemious to zealous using the following components:

Audio SAT Interactive

Sit back & relax. You'll forget you're even learning.

Complete library of vocab words organized into a fully interactive presentation for both casual and intensive review. Includes both audio of example sentence, and corresponding definition and mnemonic.

Includes 9 Fully Interactive Volumes

  • Introduction
  • Volume 1: A-C
  • Volume 2: D-F
  • Volume 3: G-I
  • Volume 4: J-L
  • Volume 5: M-0
  • Volume 6: P-R
  • Volume 7: S-U
  • Volume 8: V-Z
  • Volume 9: Most Difficult

Mobile SAT Practice

Sit back & relax. You'll forget you're even learning.

iPod-friendly, fully annotated multimedia version of the course so you can learn on-the-go and wherever you are.

Audio Version

Take it with you, for quick review on-the-go.

All essential SAT words professionally recorded and clearly spoken, organized into individual tracks for quick reference. Perfect for the car, at the gym or as you fall asleep at night.



Master SAT Vocabulary Guide

Clear reference to every single word

Printer-friendly guidebook includes over 42 pages, detailing every word in the SAT AudioCard course, clearly organized and fully searchable for quick reference

  • Test yourself on paper your recall of definitions.
  • Helpful reference, along with useful memory cues for each.
  • All words organized and separated by letter.

Look at it this way...

SAT Critical Reading Course $1100+ & 8-12 weeks
SAT Books and Flashcards $100
Hours spent memorizing traditional flashcards 100+ hours
Learning vocab over again Another 20-30 hours+

Grand total... $1200+ plus 8-12 weeks and countless hours of wasted time. Are you crazy!?

  • Memorize 200+ SAT words in hours, not weeks!
  • Ace the Critical Section for the cost of a tank of gas!
  • Try it with absolutely zero risk!

No shipping, no waiting. Instant access.

100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Stress-Free Money Back Guarantee

This is possibly the most important investment you can ever make as you prepare for the SAT. You will immediately be able to use the information you learn from SAT AudioCards. Every time you take the SAT, thanks to an unforgettable memory cue, you will realize the value of the system.

Try SAT AudioCards right now with absolutely zero-risk. If for any reason you feel the system is anything less than totally effective in teaching you the words you need to know, simply request a 100% full refund of the entire purchase price. This guarantee stands for a full 60 days from the date of purchase, which ensures you have plenty of time to fully evaluate and experience the program and all it has to offer.

If, after you've explored the program, you decide that it's not for you... or you didn't find it useful in your situation, simply email me to request a complete and immediate refund.

You can even keep the materials! We've created this guarantee for the honest 99% that are naturally skeptical - the group you represent - not the 1% out to take advantage of the offer.

I truly want to help you secure and keep a high-paying, exciting job in the business. Knowing essential words is, without question, the most essential aspect of your success on the Critical Reading Section. After you see how quickly and easily you are learning the words, you will understand exactly why I am so confident you will be satisfied with the system.

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Mr. Ivy League